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Blackberry wine Kupilek OPG Jambrešić

Članak o KUPILEKU objavljen na portalu "Taste of Croatia" prenosimo u cijelosti:

Igor Jambrešić is not your ordinary blackberry grower. He’s a real businessman, technologist, and maybe even a scientist who takes his blackberries seriously. That is probably one of the reasons OPG Jambrešić is quite a succesfull little venture. The fact that the whole family is involved in blackberries production process also helps. They are proud to say that the whole process is organic, as they strive to respect and maintain natural cycles of production using the renewable resources and preserving the landscape.

Blackberry wine Kupilek is one of the best ones we’ve tried. Balanced, full bodied, not to sweet, nor too acidic. They also make a blackberry jam we somehow missed, probably because we were focused on the wine!

Find them in City Center One malls all over Croatia, or in specialized shops.